Like a flower from another world it blossoms to magnificent one-foot diameters....mimics
fireworks arrested in an aerial display...or wears a soft and silky fur that is irresistible to touch.

Protea are a family of extraordinary flowers. Discovered in Africa in the 1500's, the blooms
were prized for their form and size. Their incredible variety won them the name Protea, from
the Greek God Proteus who could change his shape at will.

Nowhere else on earth do Protea achieve such beauty and diversity as on the island of Maui.
Protea Gardens of Maui cultivates and harvests hundreds of species of Protea each day, and
hand-packs and ships the most select. Their colors are unmatched in vibrancy and richness , as
they are sheltered from the suns harsh rays by the clouds that hover year-round on the slopes
of Mt. Haleakala.
The Incredible Protea